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(עברית) A Transliterated Dictionary of Conversational Eastern Arabic (Palestinian)

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The Olive Tree dictionary contains 784 pages, 9,000 entries, 17,000 phrases, and an index of 4,000 English words.
It is designed to help English speakers acquire a workingg knowledge of colloquial Arabic. Through the use of an innovative method, Arabic words are transliterated phonetically into English characters.
All entries in the dictionary are clear, descriptive, and easy to read.. Each entry contains a modern translation, which includes at least one sentence demonstrating correct pronunciation and usage. All entries in the dictionary are based on thousands of recording hours, containing authentic conversations made by native Arabic speakers. Because of its central geographic location, the Palestinian dialect is understood throughout the Arabic-speaking Middle East. We believe that users of the dictionary will find it to be both practical and easy to use, and that it will prove to be their passport to the Arabic-speaking world.